Tom Laughlin sat in his tiny motel room outside of Winner, South Dakota

...and began hammering out the first pages of what was to become his seminal film, "Billy Jack".

He didn't really understand it at the time, but what he had seen and heard that day before Christmas 1953 had set him on a mission that would take almost two decades to complete, and culminate in the most successful independent film in history.


You know me, Posner. You know my meaning.

The Greatest Film Story You've Never Heard

The seed for Billy Jack was planted in the racism of the frozen plains of South Dakota. It took Tom Laughlin and his wife Delores Taylor (co-stars of the film) almost two decades to get the film made. When it was released in 1971 the story wasn't over.

Watch is feet! He can kill you with his feet!

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Billy Jack enjoys limited runs on various cable channels, like Showtime, EPIX, and others. Check your local listings.

There were probably no two people on this earth more opposite from each other than myself and Billy Jack.

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When policemen break the law then there isn't any law... just a fight for survival.

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The Babysitter

A new film by McG features a clip of the classic standoff between Billy Jack in Posner in the park with two of the characters in the film beautifully acting out the parts while the movie is projected on the side of a garage. It's beautifully done. We are grateful to McG for both his enthusiasm about Billy Jack and his handling of the clip. If you are a horror fan, check out McG's "The Babysitter" on your viewing list.

When I count to three, you drive your car in the lake.

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